Slack’s Sausages and Burgers

Posted on Jul 4, 2021 in News

Slacks of CumbriaWe are now taking orders for the full range of Slack’s sausages and burgers.

Their smoked and home-cured, back and streaky bacon is very popular. We always have the bacon in stock in the chiller under the till. However, we don’t have the shelf space to stock Slack’s tasty range of sausages. If you would like to place an order with us for Slack’s sausages we will phone you when they arrive.

Slack’s deliver to Alston Wholefoods about once a month.

We do stock frozen Slack’s Cumberland Ring sausages (100g and 200g). You’ll find them in the upright freezer.

View the price list below.

slacks sausages from Alston Wholefoods


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