Slack’s of Cumbria bacon is back – and streaky too!

Posted on Jul 14, 2020 in News

Slack's Bacon labelWe are delighted to have the superb Slack’s bacon back in stock!

We take great care to source local, ethical and tasty food, which sometimes means that the supply chain that brings relatively small amounts of quality stock to us are rather complex. This was the case with Slack’s bacon, and unfortunately a while ago the chain broke. We tried to find an alternative supply of bacon, but we weren’t willing to compromise on quality or on animal welfare, so sadly we have been without bacon for a while. However, we have now found a way to obtain it again. We offer Slack’s bacon in both back and streaky forms and as either oak-smoked or unsmoked.

Why is Slack’s bacon so good?

Because it is traditionally cured rather than fast cured.

Slack's Oak Smoked Back BaconMost bacon available in the shops is wet cured in brine with either phosphates or a derivative. Injected into the meat, phosphates encourage the absorption of water, boosting the weight of the meat. This results in the unattractive milky liquid that seeps from bacon as it fries and impedes the cooking process. Many commercial bacon producers also mix a colourant with the brine.

Traditional bacon can be either wet or dry cured. Wet-cured bacon is immersed in a brine tub with salt, sodium nitrate, and the spices, sugar or seasoning that will give it its character. Dry-cured bacon is prepared in a mixture of dry salt, sodium nitrate and spices. After curing, it is hung to dry and mature. With no injections of brine, traditional cures are less salty and the flavour of the meat is more obvious.

Slack’s bacon is air-dried bacon from free-range pigs at Newlands Farm, Orton, near Penrith. So it is local too.


We now stock Slack’s Cumberland Sausage too, in 200g and 400g packs.

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