We stock a wide range of basics and essentials and lots of treats too. These are locally sourced, fairly traded and organic wherever possible. More than 40 varieties of cheese, delicatessen foods, eggs, fresh herbs, ginger and chillis and a great selection of vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free alternatives.  If we don’t have something that you want, we will do our best to order it for you!

Here’s a listing of what you can expect to find in our friendly shop. Try our special ranges listings at the foot of the page for inspiration.


As well as keeping an excellent stock of local cheeses, we can also provide you with: Feta, Halloumi, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Manchego, Cottage, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Fromage Frais etc. And we offer a “try before you buy” service (from our cut cheese range). For full details view the cheese page.

Dairy products and eggs

Our range includes: salted and unsalted butter from Carron Lodge and Yeo Valley, creams, crème fraîche, fromage frais, yoghurts, goats’ milk to order only (fresh – whole or semi skimmed). Our local free-range eggs from £1.30 for half a dozen are very popular.

Non-dairy products

We stock a variety of soya products including: soya milk, tofu, desserts, oat and rice milk, and more.


Slack’s bacon, Slack’s sausages, cured meats, chorizo, roll-mop herrings, seafood, tofu, hummus, tzatziki, vegetarian sausages.

Teas and coffees

Our range of ground coffees includes the Fairtrade range. We also offer a wide range of breakfast, herbal, fruit and medicinal teas, from Clipper, Dr Stuarts, Heath & Heather, Pukka, Twinings and Yogi.

Soft drinks, juices and cordials

We stock a range of Fentimans (Hexham) drinks, a wide selection of cordials from Belvoir, Cawston Press, Mrs Fitzpatrick, Rocks and Thorncroft, fruit juices and vegetable juices, Rochester Ginger, bottled Pennine spring water and milk alternatives.

Sauces, condiments, chutneys, stocks and cook-in-sauces

Our range is extensive. We stock pasta, curry, Thai, Moroccan and Italian sauces, to name just some. We also have a good range of chutneys, pâtés, spreads, olives, pickles and much more, including the full Cumberland Honey Mustard range (made in Alston) and Mr Vikki’s (made in High Hesket, Cumbria).

Herbs and spices

We have a vast selection of dried herbs and spices as well as frozen. We stock fresh parsley, coriander, lemons, limes, ginger, garlic and chilli peppers.

Pasta, noodles, rice, pulses and quinoa

Pasta: spaghetti, fusilli, lasagne sheets, linguini and more. We also stock a range of gluten-free pasta including lentil, spelt and rice pasta.
Noodles: egg, buckwheat, thai rice, black rice, brown rice, millet, wide and skinny
Pulses: various lentils, including puy lentils, haricot, canellini, aduki, butter, blackeye and red beans, chick peas, marrowfat peas, broth mix, etc.
Grains: cous-cous, polenta, quinoa, bulgar wheat, Maftoul from Zaytoun and freekeh
Rice: basmati, sushi, brown, jasmine, pudding, Carmargue and more.

Tinned food

We have an extensive range of tinned products. These include: soups, ready meals, beans, (including giant beans) and the Fish 4 Ever range.

Savoury snacks

We have olives, spicy noodles, Bombay mix, Northumbrian Smoked Nuts,  dried broad beans (habas fritas), cereal bars, a wide range of dried seaweeds and much more.

Crispbreads and crackers

Our range includes oat cakes, rice cakes, breadsticks, biscuits for cheese and gluten-free options.

Cakes and biscuits

We stock a range of cakes including cherry, lemon, Madeira, Yorkshire brack and many more. We also have a good selection of chocolate, coconut, ginger, butter, biscuits.  Again, with gluten-free options.

Baking ingredients

We also have a wide range of flours including: potato, rye, spelt, barley and many more. We also stock a range of sugars, syrups, molasses, a selection of cake decorating products and flavourings. Dried yeast from Doves Farm and Fermipan. Gelatine, VegeSet and VegeRen for junket.

Dried fruit, nuts and seeds

Fruit: these include bananas, apricots, pineapple, cranberries, figs, crystallised ginger, etc.
Nuts: cashews, hazel, Brazil, walnuts, almonds etc.

Breakfast cereals

We stock porridge oats, bran, granola, muesli and a range of organic boxed cereals.

Preserves and honey

A delightful selection of preserves and fruit spreads (many of them produced locally), marmalades, nut and yeast spreads and many kinds of honey.

Chocolate and sweets

Our selection of Montezuma chocolates and our range of designer chocolates continue to be very popular. The exquisite Booja-Booja range is vegan. We also stock Panda liquorice, a range of cereal bars, sweets for children and much more.

Frozen food

In addition to our range of ice creams, we also stock vegetarian mince, burgers, Clive’s Pies, nut roasts, Indian snacks, spinach, peas and beans. Ready-to-roll puff, shortcrust and filo pastry.

Household and cleaning

These include laundry and household products from Violets, Bio-D, Ecoleaf and Faith in Nature. Washing up gloves from Traidcraft.

Herbal remedies and toiletries

As well as our herbal tea range, we stock skin creams, lip balms, hand creams, lotions, echinacea and immune tinctures and more. Toiletries, fine soaps and gift ideas from local artisans. Find our more: Herbal ointments, creams, tinctures and teas from Jane Riley

And a few surprises . . .

Moorlands Candles, handmade in Alston. Pottery olive dishes from Spain. Bamboo Socks from BAM.

Hampers and Gift Vouchers

For that special occasion, we can assemble a gift hamper for you with your choice of products (we will need 48 hours notice to ensure we meet your deadline). We also can also provide gift vouchers.

Bulk Discounts

In addition to our special order service, we offer attractive discounts for bulk buys. For full details see the special orders page.

Special Ranges


We are increasing our range of products suitable for vegans including vegan cheeses.


Pure coconut oil, Biona sugar from coconut blossom nectar, coconut vinegar, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut cream, dessicated and flaked coconut, tropical fruit mix, Trek bars with cocoa and coconut, shower gel.

Gluten-free range

We stock: flour, pasta, cereals, biscuits and cakes, crackers, salamis and chorizo, ice-cream, chocolates and more. For full details see the special diets page.

Oriental and Asian cookery

We are proud to offer a wide range of Eastern cookery ingredients: miso, wasabi, soya sauces, brown rice vinegar, coconut milk, water chestnuts and dried sea vegetables are just some of what we have in stock.

For walkers and cyclists

We offer snack bars, ready meals, energy drinks, fruit juices and spring water.