Pasta in more than 15 different shapes & 11 types of noodle

Posted on Jul 19, 2022 in News

The traditional pasta that we stock is mainly from the Italian company, La Bio Idea. Their pasta is still made in the authentic way with organic durum wheat from Sicilian farmers. The quality of the organic durum wheat is superb, because of the fertile lava soil, the mild climate and the use of old varieties. The wheat is freshly milled just before making the pasta dough. Slow milling in 28 steps keeps the semolina cool, preserving the nutrients and taste. The pasta is dried slowly at low temperature to ensure a maximum of nutrition, smell and taste.

We stock most pasta shapes in white and wholemeal varieties and green lasagne and tagliatelle with spinach.

Out spelt pasta is from Biona Organic.

Our range of pasta shapes.

Animal Shapes
















Udon Brown Rice Noodles
Udon Wide Noodles
Udon Semi Wholemeal Noodles
Soba Skinny Noodles
Egg Noodles
Thin Buckwheat Noodles
Buckwheat Noodles
Thai Rice Noodles
Millet Brown Rice Noodles
Black Rice Noodles
Wide Brown Rice NoodlesB

Gluten Free Pasta and Noodles

We have a wide range of different gluten-free pasta and noodles made from lentils or corn and rice or chickpeas or endame beans.

And we stock gluten-free plain and spinach Gnochi too.

NEW: Mr Organic Porcini Tortellini

Made using organic durum wheat semolina and filled with the finest porcini mushrooms and garlic this vegan-friendly Tortellini makes a quick and scrumptious meal. Great for the store-cupboard.

Mr Organic Porcini Tortellini Pasta

NEW: Artisan Rainbow Farfalle Pasta

This jubilant pasta is hand-made from heirloom Durum wheat grown on biodynamic farms. The pasta is slow dried over 72 hours to maintain the integrity of the wheat’s protein and aminio acids. The natural colours of the stripes are from spinach, beetroot, turmeric, paprika.

rainbow farfalle pasta