Excellent Value Turmeric

Posted on Apr 25, 2017 in News

Lots of people have been coming in to the shop to buy turmeric recently. When we read this article the BBC news magazine, we understoood why: Bold health claims have been made for the power of turmeric. Is there anything in them, asks Michael Mosley.


For more about tumeric and ideas of how to add it to your diet, view the #turmeric twitter stream

Our ethically sourced turmeric from India is excellent value at less that 14p per 10g, compared with Schwartz at 48p, Waitrose at 34p, Sainsbury’s at 21p, Tesco at 19p and Holland & Barrett at 23p. It pays to buy local!

You don’t have to buy a 100g. We’ll sell you as little or as much at you want. We also sell Pukka Tumeric Gold tea.