Summer Drinks + Recipes

Posted on Jul 9, 2018 in Recipes

Rhubarb DrinkWe offer a wide range of drinks for summer, including ready-to-drink bottles of Fentimans (made in Hexham), pressés from Belvoir Fruit Farm, fruit and vegetable juices from Cawston Press and Thorncroft. We also sell fresh lemons, limes and ginger for garnishes.

This month we are highlighting our cordials with some recipe ideas.

From Mr Fitzpatrick


A woody tasting cordial, often compared to American Root Beer but milder and less medicinal tasting than its American counterpart. Such is this drink’s ability to evoke nostalgic memories, it has been described as ‘time travel in a bottle’

Sarsaparilla Root: is believed to have been used as a blood purifier, detoxification aid and general pick me up.

RECIPE: Sassy Gingerilla Punch

You will need for each glass:

  • 20ml Mr Fitzpatricks Sarsaparilla Cordial
  • 20ml fresh lime juice
  • Ginger Ale
  • Ginger slice & a lime wedge

Sarsasparilla PunchMix in a 12oz Collins Glass built over cubed ice
Top with Ginger Ale
Garnish with the ginger and a lime wedge


A smooth rich velvety cordial, sophisticated, sumptuous and oddly comforting. A perfect fusion of sour cherries and red grapes with a note of hibiscus.


A a refreshing blend of English Rhubarb blended with a Rosehip infusion. Excellent with sparkling water for best taste. It can also be served hot.

RECIPE: Rhubarb, Rose and Lime Fiz

You will need for each glass:

  • Mr Fitzpatricks Rhubarb and Rosehip Cordial
  • sparkling water
  • 1 lime

Pour some of the Rhubarb and Rosehip Cordial into a glass, however strong you like
Top up with sparkling water
Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and top with a slice of lime

RECIPE: Pink Patrick
You will need for each glass:

  • 20ml Mr Fitzpatricks Rhubarb & Rosehip Cordial
  • Pink Patrick15ml fresh lemon juice
  • 40ml pressed apple juice
  • 4 raspberries

In a Boston Shaker, shake and fine strain all ingredients
Serve in a small coupette or martini glass
Garnish with the raspberries

From Rocks

Rocks coastersRock’s Organic Orange Squash and Organic Lemon Squash are made by squishing and squeezing every last drop of fruitiness from whole oranges and lemons to create a classic drink.

We also stock their Fiery Ginger Cordial and Blackcurrant Squash.

This month, we’re giving away coasters featuring the Rocks logo (see right). Pick them up from the shop, while the stock of these lasts.

RECIPE: Joe Wadsack’s Blackcurrant Refresher

You will need:

  • Plenty of ice
  • 50mls per pint Rocks Blackcurrant Squash
  • 2 sprigs of basil
  • 2 sprigs of mint
  • Soda water and Prosecco (optional)

Take a large jug and add ice and 50mls per pint of blackcurrant squash.
Take the equivalent of two sprigs of fresh basil and two sprigs of fresh garden mint per pint of drink. Put the sprigs one by one in one hand and firmly ‘clap’ each of the sprigs smartly between the hands and drop into the jug. This will release the essential oils in the mint and basil. Do not remove the leaves from the sprigs or you may end up with them stuck in your teeth!
Top up the jug with water give a good stir and serve.
For a more grown up alternative add half soda water and half Prosecco.

Blackcurrant Refresher


From Belvoir Fruit Farm

We regularly stock Elderflower, Elderflower & Rose, Lime & Lemongrass, Honey, Lemon & Ginger, Blueberry & Blackcurrant cordials. There are lots of wonderful recipes on their website.