Posted on Jul 10, 2019 in News

Taking part in #PlasticFree July?

We can help. Come and browse all the plastic-free alternatives that we stock. These include:

  • Shampoo bars in cardboard packaging;
  • Shaving bars in cardboard packaging;
  • Vast range of solid soaps packed in cellophane or cardboard;
  • Loofahs for bathtime, washing dishes and cleaning;
  • Compostable food bags;
  • Bamboo toothbrushes;
  • Bamboo cotton buds;
  • Colourful paper straws.



Minimal Packaging & Plastic Free

Plastic free cellophane packaging

Buy our bagged-up goods, which are wrapped in cellophane. It’s not a plastic, although it looks like one, but is made from plant material and is fully compostable.

If you prefer to bring in your own containers we can fill them for you from our bulk supplies.

Buy loose herbs and spices, either in paper bags or we can fill your kitchen jars. To make this easier, we now have a shiny new adjustable metal funnel that fits all containers.



Buy fresh-cut cheese (rather than vacuum-packed in plastic).
We offer the option of wrapping  your cheese in paper.



We now stock mineral water in glass bottles (we no longer stock single use plastic drinks bottles). Fill up your reusable water bottles with us. We are a member of the Refill Campaign.


Next Steps

When we move to our new premises in the late summer we will be further reducing our plastic use. We welcome your suggestions: web@alstonwholefoods.com.