Organic Microgreens – now available

Posted on Oct 27, 2019 in News, Recipes

Microgreens - pea shootsWe are delighted to be able to offer Organic Microgreens from Alston Market Garden. To ensure their freshness the microgreens are picked when needed.  Please pre-order your microgreens at the shop, or by email, or by phone 01434  381588.
See below for the range of microgreens on offer.

Why eat Microgreens?

Microgreens are vegetable and herb plants harvested at an early stage but containing all the nutritional value of the mature plant. Things like peas, radish, kale, cabbage, basil and coriander are most commonly used and all contain high concentrations of various vitamins and minerals.

Microgreens are a growing trend in the food and health field. People who want to improve their health and wellbeing through nutrition are adding them to their soups, salads, sandwiches and smoothies, or just sprinkling them onto whatever dish they fancy to add intense taste and colour.

They differ from sprouts, which are newly germinated seeds that are harvested before their leaves develop, while microgreens usually have their second pair of leaves.

Due to their high antioxidant content microgreens are considered a food that promotes health or prevents disease and are linked to a reduced risk of many health conditions including heart disease and diabetes.

Microgreens are an easy, tasty, nutritious way to eat vegetables all year round. Microgreens can boost colour, enhance flavour, and add texture to any dish, while delivering a nutritional boost as well. Some tips for adding microgreens into meals include:

  • Using them as a topping for salads and soups
  • Tossing a small handful into a smoothie or juice before blending
  • Using them as a garnish alongside any main dish
  • Placing microgreens on top of a flatbread or pizza after cooking
  • Adding microgreens into an omelette or frittata
  • Replacing lettuce with microgreens on a burger, sandwich, or tacos

Radish Mircogreens

Why buy Organic Microgreens from Alston Market Garden

  • Organically grown seasonal vegetables all year round, no fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides are used.
  • Alston Market Garden is a small local business, products are delivered within hours of harvest, not days or weeks, so providing the freshest possible produce.
  • Support local organic food producers and reduce your carbon footprint.

The following Microgreens are available over the seasons:

All have a different profile of vitamins, minerals and other trace elements.

  • Basil Shoots 10g £2.50
  • Celery Leaf Shoots 10g £2.50
  • Coriander Shoots 10g £2.50
  • Lemon Balm Shoots 10g £2.50
  • Mustard Red Frills Shoots 10g £2.50
  • Pea Shoots 30g £2.50
  • Red Amaranth Shoots 10g £2.50
  • Red Cabbage Shoots 30g £2.50
  • Red Kale Shoots 30g £2.50
  • Red Rioja Radish Shoots 30g £2.50
  • Sweetcorn Shoots 30g £2.50 – Must be kept in dark
  • Sunflower Shoots 30g £2.50