New Gluten & Dairy-Free Bread and Cakes

Posted on Feb 25, 2017 in News

The Incredible Bakery Company

We recently had some samples of bread loaves in our shop from the the Incredible Bakery Company. Customers’ commented on their excellent quality and taste. Therefore now we intend to place a regular order with the Incredible Bakery for their gluten-free bread and cakes, according to demand. So please let us know if you would like to place an order.

Incredible Bakery gluten and dairy free bread

The Incredible Bakery Company is a craft bakery that produces high quality bakery and pastry products that are all free from gluten, dairy, eggs and soya. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

You can view the full range of breads and cakes on their website. We can order for you anything that is shown. By buying through us, you save on the £6 p&p fee which they charge for orders made via their website.

If you would like to place an order with Alston Wholefoods, please ask to see the Incredible Bakery product and price list at the counter or call 01434 381 588 or email: