Lemon & Myrtle cleaning paste

Posted on Oct 4, 2020 in News

Humble Stuff Cleaning Paste

Humble Stuff Lemon Myrtle Concentrated Cleaning Paste is a pleasure to use because of the wonderful natural fresh aroma which lifts your spirits – and it does a good job of the cleaning too.

Humble Stuff cleaning materials are handmade in Scotland by Marie using ‘old fashioned’ soap and organic essential oils.

Marie researched how people used to clean their homes before the widespread use of cheap petrochemicals to produce synthetic detergents and artificial fragrances in the 1950s. It didn’t take her long to realise that traditional ingredients like soap and bicarbonate of soda was all we really need.

In 2018 Humble Stuff products were awarded the title ‘Best Vegan Household Product 2018′. They are also endorsed by the Naturewatch Foundation and are certified ‘Palm Oil Free’ by the Orangutan Alliance. Humble Stuff never test on animals, or use ingredients that are tested on animals.

How to use Humble Stuff Cleaning Paste

The easiest way is to add just one teaspoon of paste to around one litre of warm/hot water. Swirl it around to mix, then take a clean cloth, dip it in the solution, wring it out. Voila! You’ve got a gorgeous ‘wet wipe’ that can be used to clean. For shiny surface finishes, always buff dry with fresh clean soft cloth.

It’s so versatile, you can clean pretty much everywhere in your home with it, including, but not limited to – fridge/oven/hob/cooker hood/bath/kitchen sink!

Here’s what Marie advises:

This paste works well to clean tricky things like cooker tops, ovens, cooker hoods, fridges and microwaves. I say these areas are “tricky” simply because of the proximity these areas have to food. The very reason I started making my own products was to avoid using harsh chemical cleaners in the oven, because I hate the smell and the aftertaste it leaves on food.

Yes, this paste can be used to clean the oven. I find it best to cover the oven floor with the paste moistened with a little water. It spreads better, and the water itself acts as a solvent. If there is a lot of baked on food, leave this solution to work overnight. The same applies to the oven door, and trays. Take the trays out, lay them on an old towel to avoid scratching any surface, and cover with the paste.

The next day, or later, with a solution, and cloth, just wipe at the oven door/floor. If you feel that some of the marks are not lifting, you may need something to agitate the dirt. A non-scratch scourer is perfect.

The same solution and process can be applied to cleaning the bathroom – showers, taps, around the loo, tiles etc…simply clean, then buff dry for shine.

This powerful product can be used to clean a variety of surfaces including wooden worktops, granite, stainless and brushed steel. I even use it to clean the floor! (Just us an old towel as a floor cloth, wring out and use any mop/brush in your cupboard to move the cloth about the floor).

If you are looking for a cleaning product that can genuinely be used on a variety of household tasks, then the concentrated Soft Paste is the one for you. Say goodbye to having to buy lots of different products, and enjoy using this “good buy”.

Clean your home without dirtying the enviroment.