Easter Eggs and Treats

Posted on Mar 6, 2020 in News

As well as our usual range of Fairtrade, organic, dairy free and vegan chocolates, we have some special treats for Easter:

From Montezuma

  • Montezuma’s Clara Chick: Dark Chocolate Chick with Dark Chocolate Buttons (£5.99)
  • Montezuma’s Charlie Chick: Milk Chocolate Chick with Milk Chocolate Buttons (£5.99)
  • Montezuma’s Connie Chick: Milk Chocolate Alternative Like no Udder Chick with Buttons (vegan) (£5.99)
  • Montezuma’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Eggs (Sold Out)

From Cocoa Loco

  • Cocoa Loco Organic White Chocolate & Raspberry Mini Eggs (12) (£5.99)
  • Cocoa Loco Organic Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs (12) (£5.99)
  • Cocoa Loco Organic Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs (12) (£5.99)

From Moo Free and Ponchito

  • Moo Free Easter eggs (vegan, gluten and dairy free) (£3.99)
  • Ponchito Mini Eggs with a Surprise! (£1.89)

From Vivani – more varieties in the shop

From Chocolate Tree – all £3.95

Vegan Truffles from Booja Booja